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Ingilizce Deyimler

Ingilizce Deyimleri, harflere basarak görebilirsiniz. Ingilizce deyimler sözlüğümüzde İngilizce deyimin kullanılışını da görebilirsiniz.  Imgilizce deyim öğrenmenizde size başarılar dileriz.

act up
- misbehave (for people); not work properly (for machines). "I was planning on a quiet night but I was wrong. The dogs acted up all evening."

act like
-- behave in a way that's like _____ ."What's happenning with that guy? He's acting like a maniac."

add up
-- logically fit together."His statements don't add up. He keeps giving contraticting ideas."
-- find the total. "Waiter, can you add up our bills into one please?"

ask out
-- ask for a date. "I want to date her really bad. I asked her out last night."